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Community Staff Training Program (CSTP)

The CSTP modules are included in the table below, in order of the module number. Some modules also include supporting documents such as feedback exercises, practica forms, and power-point files.  To access the modules or supporting documents, click on the icons.

This password-protected site is intended for North Dakota DD service providers to access the CSTP’s module training curriculum. Please respect the work of CSTP and only share the login/password information with other staff at your agency. If you need documents to be in an accessible format, please contact the CSTP office at 701-858-4174 or 701-858-3047.  Please note there is a “read-aloud” option in both the Word and PDF documents.



Therapeutic Response Video

To access the TR video on physical intervention techniques, use this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqbNiujVQHU. Only people trained in TR by a DD provider are authorized to use these techniques.


PTT Video

To access the PTT video that demonstrates positioning, turning, and transferring techniques that are introduced in module 11, use this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTymNeTYQp0&t=286s


Module #Module NameModuleFeedback Exercises (Study Guides)Practica – WORDPractica – PDF Power Points
03Legal Issues & Developmental Disabilities
06Medications Training
11Positioning, Turning, and Transferring
15Writing Behavioral Objectives and Measuring Behavior
18Achieving Personal Outcomes Module
20Friends and Fun
21Human Development (Condensed)
22Human Development I (use J Smart book)
23Human Development II (use J Smart book)
39Supporting People with Disabilities
40Person Centered Planning
41Working with Families
42Job Coach Training Manual
43Diabetes Management (See agency Staff Trainer for booklet)

44Maintaining Health and Wellness
45Promoting Nutrition and Wellness
46Sexuality and DD
47Oral Hygiene and Dental Care
50Introduction to Health Supports
51Positive Behavioral Supports
52Designing and Implementing PBS Part 1
52Designing and Implementing PBS Part 2
53Dual Diagnosis I
54Dual Diagnosis II
55Assessment and Setting Goals
56Assisting People with Brain Injuries and Their Families
57Returning to Work after Brain Injury
58Supporting People with Autism Across the Lifespan
60Interpersonal Communication
61Supporting Independent Living
62Guidelines for QDDPs
64Frontline Supervisor Handbook
65Promoting Public Relations and Community Education
66Job Development
67Supports for People with DD and a History of Sexual Offense
68Working in Family Support Settings
69Supporting Communication
70Aging and Developmental Disabilities