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NDCPD Five Year Plan

NDCPD is a federally funded University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) which is part of a national network. The US Department of Health & Human Services provides funding for UCEDDs which are based on 5-year cycles. 

At the beginning of each cycle, NDCPD leadership and staff identify goals and activities intended to improve the lives of people with disabilities in ND. In 2021, NDCPD staff began work on identifying the NDCPD goals for their 7th funding cycle, fiscal years 2023-2027. Staff conducted a needs assessment with individuals, constituents and agencies across North Dakota regarding the needs of individuals with disabilities. Four goals were identified from that needs assessment which are listed below: 

GOAL 1: Growing up to be an Empowered Adult

Specifically, ND citizens with I/DD will have access to qualified professionals and services in their early years to ensure that they grow up to be empowered adults.

GOAL2: Being empowered to live an adult world

ND citizens with I/DD will use skills learned in their education programs to be fully self-determined and competent to live successfully in an adult world.

GOAL 3: Succeeding in the work force

ND citizens with I/DD will have access to professionals who have information, skills, and experiences to support employees with I/DD to be successful in integrated community work settings through customized employment (CE).

GOAL 4: Aging with Dignity

ND citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities will have appropriate health care, qualified staff and living options so they can appropriately age with dignity.

Scholarship Opportunity

NDCPD has established the M. Bryce Fifield ACCESS Scholarship to help students with disabilities attending MSU finance their college experience. Each student will receive money toward their education. During the ACCESS Scholars’ education journey at MSU, they will have the opportunity to influence their campus community bringing disability issue into the mainstream to spark discussions about quality of life and independence.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the scholarship, please contact Dr. Lori Garnes at 701-858-3580 or 800-233-1737. 

TO APPLY  for the M. Bryce Fifield ACCESS Scholarship please click the link below, complete and mail it to the address on the form. 

Annual deadline for applications: June 1.


M-Bryce-Fifield-Access-Scholarship-Application UPDATED



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