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North Dakota Dual Sensory Project

Welcome to the North Dakota Dual Sensory Project website. We are a federally-funded, statewide technical assistance and training project designed to support educators and families of children birth through 21 who are deaf-blind. The project has six key goals:

Two middle aged women, one with black hair, and the other with gray hair and dark glasses. They are using hand in hand signing.
  • Goal 1: North Dakota will have an effective and collaborative early identification and referral system for all individuals who have or are at risk for deaf-blindness.
  • Goal 2: North Dakota service providers and families will have high quality technical assistance and training on secondary transition for youth who are deaf-blind.
  • Goal 3: Service providers and families will receive high quality technical assistance and training on literacy and numeracy for children and youth who are deaf-blind.
  • Goal 4: Families of children who are deaf-blind will engage with professionals through high quality training and technical assistance to assure inclusive education for their children.
  • Goal 5: Educators and related services providers will deliver high quality, research-based interdisciplinary instruction to children and youth with deaf-blindness in inclusive educational environments.
  • Goal 6: North Dakota will have accurate information and data on the needs of children and youth who are deaf-blind.
A brown haired woman with oven mitts on hands, facing a young man with short hair. He is holding onto woman’s hand and smiling.
Curly blond haired woman sitting at table and reading large braille book.

“The most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”  ~ Helen Keller

News Items

  • 2021 Virtual Summer Institute on Deaf-Blindness, August 4-5, 2021
  • Go to General Resources for information for students and teachers who are supporting students with deaf-blindness at a distance.
  • Open Hands, Open Access Training Modules for Credit; OHOA Modules for Credit Master Schedule.
  • The ND Dual Sensory Project will offer several Open Hands, Open Access training modules for credit in 2021. For ND residents who complete the modules, the ND Dual Sensory Project will reimburse you for the recording fees upon successful completion! Questions? Contact Dr. Askvig at 1-800-233-1737.

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Toll Free: 800-233-1737
EMAIL: ndcpd@minotstateu.edu