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The Community Staff Training Program (CSTP) provides statewide mandated curriculum to employees of North Dakota DD provider agencies through a collaborative of the North Dakota Developmental Disabilities Division within the Department of Human Services, and the North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities (NDCPD) at Minot State University. Through this contract, the CSTP Director works in collaboration with Regional Staff Trainers at DD provider agencies to coordinate the program.

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CSTP Vision: Direct support and other professional who are certified in the Community Staff Training Program will be reflective decision makers who provide effective services and supports that enable individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities to lead self-determined and personally satisfying lives.

The CSTP Mission is to provide exemplary learning experiences, promote best practice, recognize expertise, and support professional development and career paths:

  • Provide Exemplary Learning Experiences: Prospective and practicing direct support and other professionals will have access to information and instructional opportunities that match their learning needs and prepare them to effectively support individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Promote Best Practice: Curriculum content and learning experiences are evidence-based and have direct application to the provision of quality services and supports for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Recognize Expertise: Direct support and other professionals who demonstrate competence are recognized with a Certificate. As an accredited program through the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals, certified direct support and other professionals are eligible to apply for national credentials.
  • Support Professional Development and Career Paths: Direct support and other professionals who complete the Community Staff Training Program recognize the need for lifelong learning and strive to increase their knowledge of emerging trends and master the skills needed to develop professionally and advance in careers. Certification is a direct pathway to MSU’s Department of Special Education degree programs.

For more information, see contact information below:

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Ms. Kari Schmidt
CSTP Project Director
(701) 858-4174

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Ms. Vickie Brabandt
CSTP Project Secretary
(701) 858-3047