Kari Schmidt

Kari Schmidt has been working with the North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities, located on the campus of Minot State University, since 2001. Kari had a two-year hiatus with the Center for Extended Learning at Minot State University in 2016-2018. Her current role at NDCPD is the Director of the Community Staff Training Project (CSTP), in which she oversees a training program provided for staff of developmental disability provider agencies across the state, under a contract with the North Dakota Developmental Disabilities Division within the Department of Human Services. Since joining NDCPD, Kari has worked on various NDCPD projects that focused on areas such as peer coaching, disability justice issues, health, and active support for people with disabilities. Schmidt holds a master’s degree in special education, as well as two undergraduate degrees, from Minot State University.



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Ms. Kari Schmidt

Minot State University

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