NDCPD’s research and evaluation agenda includes:


1. Continuing to increase our capacity as a UCEDD to perform research an evaluation activities by collaborating with departments and colleges within MSU as well as other universities and UCEEDs and organizations in the state of North Dakota to submit grants to further our work.


2. Assessing the effectiveness of our projects by conducting evaluations that measure the impact of our projects and programs on people’s lives in order to determine if we are meeting our UCEDD goals and objectives.


3. Conducting needs assessments in ND to better understand and meet the challenges in the communities we serve.


4. Conducting research in the areas of employment, healthy aging, retirement, and later life transitions, early childhood and educational services, and health services.


Current Research Activities




2. Self-determination studies links to articles


3. Pilot study on early childhood screening and diagnostic processes and cultural heritage.


4. Pilot study on student choice and access to high school courses of study for students with disabilities.


5. Pilot studies on health technologies and support strategies for individuals with I/DD.


Assessment and Evaluation

1. Statewide Suicide Survey


2. Needs assessments related to aging, retirement, and later life transitions.


3. Evaluation and feasibility of assistive technology approach to support employment of people with disabilities in the general workforce.


Research Coordinator -
Brent A. Askvig, Ph.D.

Contact information:

Dr. Brent A. Askvig

Minot State University

500 University Avenue West

Minot, ND 58707

(800)233-1737 or (701)858-3580