NDCPD and NDCPD projects have developed a variety of products, resources, and publications serving the disability community. Below is a partial list of these resources listed into categorical areas. To search for other products created within the UCEDD network or to learn more about other UCEDD’s funded projects, go to the AUCD website and search their Network Projects and Products online database.  For more information, contact NDCPD’s Dissemination Coordinator, Linda Madsen @ 800-233-1737.













       Contact Cathy Haarstad for more information (Jan 2019)



PRODUCTS from colleagues and other agencies

  • State of States on Abuse and Neglect of Individuals with DD, pdf
  • NDCPD’s CAC and CDAC have reviewed materials on issues important to our communities. Some of the items reviewed include issues pertaining to domestic violence and sexual assault. They recommends a graphic novel written and illustrated by Lucy Bonner, titled: 'What to do when you're RAPED: An ABC Handbook for Native Girls'  Click HERE to view this graphic novel. NDCPD has permission from The Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center to link this product.