Connie Irey

Contact Information:


Ms. Connie Irey

Minot State University

500 University Avenue West

Minot, ND 58707

(800)233-1737 or (701)858-3286

Ms. Connie Irey is the Project Director/Family Support Specialist for the Great Plains Interdisciplinary Autism Diagnostic Clinic (GPIC) grant, as well as project director for Prairie Mental Health. In this role Ms. Irey works with professionals and families, statewide, to identify children and their families for inclusion in our autism clinics. Ms. Irey conducts preliminary screenings as well as having been trained in the ADI-R and ADOS diagnostic tools. Ms. Irey informs families, as well as professionals, as to what services and providers are available in their regions of the state.


Prairie Mental Health is a network of organizations working together to provide and receive mental health services via telehealth technology in the northwest quadrant of ND. Ms. Irey is working with the advisory board to gather information regarding needs and service gaps.


Ms. Irey has a Bachelors of Social Work and has numerous years of experience in the mental health arena.


Ms. Irey's Vita (pdf document)