Closing the Gap

What is the Closing the Gap project?


The Closing the Gap project’s goal is to increase and improve the meaningful presence of students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD) in high schools.  The needs of students that are transitioning from high school into adulthood will be met by using the Gap Analysis model. This model teaches basic problem-solving skills that will be beneficial for students and will assist in simplifying steps to other planning opportunities. This model will also assist project staff in developing better, more enhanced and meaningful individualized education plans (IEPs). Project staff will assist students to gain a clear understanding of their potential and play a key role in their IEP meeting. Students will also experience the benefits of mentoring from adult role models throughout the process.  Training on the Gap Analysis model will be provided to students, families and educators along with information on effective ways to transition into adulthood. In addition, project staff will utilize and implement facets of the ND Department of Public Instruction’s Choice Ready model.


The primary location for our work is at the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa Reservation’s high school, the Turtle Mountain Community High School (TMCHS). Project staff will assist TMCHS students with ID/DD in developing a meaningful path to their future. Closing the Gap staff will utilize onsite, phone, zoom (video conferencing), and email assistance.



Closing the Gap will be excellent for our teachers to use during their IEP meetings. It would be used in addition to what is already being applied, but more useful and helpful for our parents.


Dr. Lana DeCoteau

Superintendent of Turtle Mountain Community High School


Contact Information

Mr. Jorden Laducer, Project Director

North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities

Minot State University

800-233-1737 or 701-858-4496