Advocates Leading their Lives- ALL Leadership Project

Advocates Leading their Lives- ALL Leadership Project provides training to 5 board of directors.


Skills include:

  • Leadership
  • Team-building
  • Self-advocacy
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Taking action


Each board member has specific roles & responsibilities to manager self-advocate led group.



Our Mission:

Recognizing we all have different abilities, we come together to advocate for ALL; to serve individuals from across the state, to discuss issues, and to be inclusive.


Our Purpose:

To ensure people with disabilities are treated as equals, and they are given the same decisions, choices, rights, responsibilities, and chance to speak up to empower themselves to live, learn, recreate, and work. The network is a state-wide initiative inclusive of “all” people.

ALL Will:

  • Be a network of individuals and organization from the ENTIRE state
  • Focus on STATEWIDE issues
  • SUPPORT and DEVELOP individuals with disabilities through the state
  • SUPPORT and DEVELOP local/regional organizations through the state
  • SUPPORT and DEVELOP facilitators through the state
  • HAVE A STATEWIDE mission, vision, and focus
  • HAVE A STATEWIDE strategic agenda
  • HAVE STATEWIDE activities and trainings



President: Steve Beard, Williston


Vice President: Allen Becker, Minot


Committee Chair: Cindy Dahlgren, Grand Forks


Secretary: Christine Hurley, Harvey

Treasurer: Jake Anderson, Grafton


Contact information about the ALL Leadership project:

Hilory Liccini